Chuck MacKinnon MACTET "New Transmission" 2006

Kyspytone #001

This CD features eleven MacKinnon originals and one standard, "What the World Needs Now" in lush 3-horn arrangements. It's funky, swinging, and beautiful.

Chuck MacKinnon (trumpet, flugelhorn), Douglas Yates (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Kenny Brooks (tenor saxophone), Mark Levine (piano, Wurlitzer piano), Gary Wang (bass), Diego Voglino (drums)

notes: Mark and Kenny had just flown into New York the day before the recording. Because all the guys had been playing my music for years, we made this recording together in one room. Our close proximity allowed us to play comfortably without headphones and helped us to create a "live" feeling in the studio. With no overdubs possible, the vibe was electric and exciting. These guys were so in sync that we tracked ten of the twelve songs on thefirst day. A million thanks and much respect to Doug, Kenny, Mark, Gary, Diego, Mike Sim, and Liberty Ellman. Continued thanks to family, teachers and peers who have taught and given me so much love and inspiration along the way. This is for you.

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