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October 4th, 2018Augustina Gairdner

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Chuck MacKinnon

March 29th, 2018Randy


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May 5th, 2016Adam Harris

Have you recorded the songs your group plays on the live Two Boots youtube videos? Those are some of the freshest and most refreshing songs I've heard in a long time. If so, please let me know the name of the album. I would also like to get my hands on these charts if possible.


Adam Harris

March 31st, 2016Johannes Luley

Hi Chuck, My name is Johannes. You likely won't remember me. I did record you back in 2001 for my former band Hopscotch. I am currently looking for a Flugelhorn player to record a solo for my next release. It's a very jazzy track and odd metered. Please let me know if this interests you. I live in LA, but it would be fine if you recorded it at your studio. You can also call me at 310-944-1994. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Johannes

August 1st, 2015Pat Kelley

If I am not a member of VIS can I purchase a ticket for Mactet on Saunday, August , for $7.50 as I am unemployed? Thank you,

Pat Kelley
Cell: (925)705-0124

If you ever need and opening act please consider me on hammered dulcimer with Mark Holzinger. Our CD is on www.pandora.com Look for Pat Kelley and Mark Holzinger.

June 7th, 2015Terry Toczynski

Hi, I would like to know a little more about the "Playing the Changes" class that you will be offering at the Berkeley Jazz School this summer. I am in Rob Ewing's Beginning Jazz Ensemble (for the third time). I play alto sax, and more recently tenor. I really want to learn to play engaging solos.

My number-one question is whether we will be playing a lot in your class, or if it is more theoretical.

If there is anything else you can tell me about how the class will be structured, I would appreciate it. Thanks. -- Terry

May 15th, 2015Vicky Lee

Hi Chuck. It's been a very long, long time and not sure if you remember me. I pulled out the clarinet after over 25 years to play in the orchestra at our kids production of Peter Pan. The fingers don't move quite as fast as they used to but still a great time (hard not to have fun playing music for a bunch of elementary school kids). April Oliver was also at the show last night (we've keep in touch and she's also godmother to our son and daughter). Anyway, our son will be starting 5th grade next year and is interested in either clarinet or trumpet, which led me to tell him about an "amazing" trumpet player that I knew back in high school. I googled you and came across your site. Glad to see that your pursuing your dream and all sounds like it's going great for you! Anyway, just wanted to say hi after all these years. Vicky.

April 12th, 2015Stephanie Bazarini

Hi Chuck,
I had contacted you last summer about lessons for my son Vincent, but at the time you were in the East Bay, so we went with someone closer. It looks like you are in SF now, so I thought I'd reach out again. Are you available/interested in teaching a 14 year-old trumpet player this summer? He will be attending SOTA in the fall, but his regular teachers will be away July and August and we'd like him to stay sharp before school starts on August 17. He will be at Cazadero Music Camp 7/6 - 7/18, so he would probably need 4-5 lessons duriong the last two weeks in July/first two weeks in August, and maybe one in early July. He has studied with Ara Anderson, Mario Silva, Brad Hogarth, and most recently with Henry Hung. Let me know your thoughts, and thank you.
Stephanie Bazarini

March 4th, 2015Karissa McKelvey

I'm getting started with my professional career as a trumpet player. I'm 24 and am auditioning for Mission Delirium, a second-line style street band. Would love to connect and up my game to the next level.

Karissa McKelvey
707 953 7827

June 3rd, 2014Ric Alexander

Just checking your availability for a session at noon tomorrow with Flugle horn?

May 29th, 2014Cathy Everson

I am looking for a french horn teacher for my 15-year old daughter who has only 2 years trombone experience from her elementary school. However, she's been singing with Peninsula Girls Chorus for 7 years! Now she is very keen on joining her high school band. Thanks for any advice. -Cathy

June 27th, 2013Ron Marabuto

Chuck---Would you want to play at Cheeseboard in Berkeley thisSat.,6/28?11:45-2:45, $63 plus tips, usually ends up around $75. Good pizza. Wiitala on bass this week, Leader is Betty Shaw, piano player in her 80's who wants to be Tommy Flanagan when she grows up.She's cool. Very good book Best to let me know by phone 510 918 3764.

February 21st, 2013Theresa Holland

Hi Chuck, this is Joe Cohen's wife. I'm sorry I never reached out to you. I wanted to thank you for playing in January. I got some really nice feedback. Would you be interested in another date in the future? I'm already booked throuh March, but I have some space in April. Thanks!

January 27th, 2013Warren Ottey

Hi Chuck, You don't know me, but I was at both Coatesville, PA, high school and Eastman School of Music with As MacKinnon. I have been an opera singer, and now I am directing choirs in Syracuse, NY. Al was truly a fine trumpet player and a nice guy whom I greatly admired. I am also a friend of Eastman trumpeter, John Thyhsen, who has been asking me if I knew where Al had gone. Can you fill me in? I seem to remember that he played in New Zealand, and I had heard somewhere that he passed away, which if true, saddens me. Any info you can give us would be greatly appreciated. I hope I get to hear you play at some point! Thanks! -Warren Ottey

January 17th, 2013Frank Phipps

Hi Chuck...I just tried to register for the combo class at csm.the number you gave me 3516 is not good.please advise.

April 30th, 2012Robert Griffith

Signed up for Jazz Camp West this year (again)... Looking forward to working/Learning with you a bit... Take care - Bob Griffith
A Taste Of Jazz Sextet -

March 30th, 2012Joe St. John

Hey Chuck!

Was just talking to Jason Justeson and your name came up. Nice to see you're back in CA. When will you be coming to LA? Get a booking at the Blue Whale and I'm sure we could help fill the room.

May 22nd, 2011Julie Hopkins

Love the CD that I purchased from you yesterday on Fillmore street. Really great!

April 24th, 2011Tom Salvatore


I am Tom Salvatore and I'm in a trumpet rut. I'm 30 years old, have played trumpet most of my life, and continue to practice an hour a day and play with a few groups for fun. I've been in an unispired rut with my practicing recently and could use some motivation. It;s been years since I've had a lesson and am hoping that I could take a lesson with you. If you are at all available I'd greatly appreciate the oppurtunity to sit down and talk music with you.


Tom Salvatore

March 9th, 2011Chris Brown

Hey chuck,

Way back when I took lessons from you when I was at DVC. Hope you're doing well and I heard you're playing at birdland this week in berkeley. are you living back out in the west coast? it would be great to meet up and take a master class/private lesson or so with you if you're still teaching? I have been playing and teaching a lot and making a living with music, and am always strving to improve. You really helped me out with some stuff when i was younger, much appreciated!

All the best,

February 3rd, 2011matt renzi

hi chuck,
How's it going? so I'm trying to bring my trio with russ meissner and dave ambrosio out to the bay area for a CD release tour in June and was wondering if you could recommend any places there to play at. I'll also be back there for 2 months (june-July)...it'd be great to play. Thanks, and I'll talk to you soon,

-MAtt Renzi

December 18th, 2010Eric Wells

I got your name from my son's drum teacher, mark bernfield. he says you recently moved to the bay area. I have a 14 year daughter who plays trumpet and needs a new jazz teacher. she is a very solid player; in fact she was quite advanced until she got braces on her teeth. Let me know if you might be interested in a new student.

December 9th, 2010Gerry Sanders

Hi Chuck - looking forward to that scale practice PDF. Might get down to Berkeley on the 21st to hear you, too. Will you be with the Mactet or another group?


November 20th, 2010Rory

Glad you put the DVC gig on your site - please change the time to 8 pm, add ticket prices ($7 adv/$10 Door) and this link so people can find us http://www.dvc.edu

you may also want to change your address....

October 29th, 2010Susan Gluck

Dear Chuck,
I am a designer for the Jazzschool in berkeley. Can you send me a high resolution photo for our upcoming catalog?

September 22nd, 2010cory combs

Hi Chuck,

I received your info from a close friend, Paul Contos. I've worked with him at SFJAZZ, where I'm currently director of education. I have some trumpet teaching at a new organization i'm starting work for, and wanted to see if you were interested to discuss it. If so, drop me an email, or give me a call: 415-235-2022.


August 30th, 2010dave burns

Hey Chuck.
Got a souljazz/aftrobeat hit at coda on saturday sept 18. Pays $100. More if we do well.

Band is Alex mUrzyn, dewayne pate, brian pardo, bonnie hayes, and me.

Got tunes & charts on an .ftp site.

Are you available?

June 16th, 2010Joe Page

Hey, i play a wicked trumpet, any chance i can get an audition and play with you guys?! thanks a lot!

June 15th, 2010Tina Stafford

YES. You are awesome. Kudos on all things truthful. I will be there at Bryant Park tomorrow with my husband and a jazz drummer visiting from out of town and his wife ~ can't wait!

All my best,

Tina P

May 25th, 2010Louise Mangan

My dad was in the USMA Band at West Point for 34 years. The Band Alumni Association is looking for a Trumpet player who was with them in the 1960's and then went to New Zealand, I'm wondering if that was your brother?
If so, could you please contact the Band Alumni President Robert Moon? Rdmoontoo@hvc.rr.com
Thsnk you,
Louise Mangan
(If not, sorry to have bothered you)

January 13th, 2010Robin Tamburr

Hey Chuck ~ Happy New Year!

I heard from Chez that Two Boots was canceled : ( I don't go to myspace much and FB doesn't have scheduling so I wanted to get on your mailing list so I can get the latest and greatest info.

We are going to Ben Monder at The Bar Next Door and then over to see you guys. Any chance of change in venue?

Thanks - Robin (I just friended you on FB)

June 26th, 2009Lisa Bauer

Hi Chuck! Can't remember what made me think to google you but i found your site and it looks like you're doing awesome! Love the tracks! Keep having fun!!! Bauer

March 22nd, 2009Pat Williams

Cool site.

March 3rd, 2009morris lang

I'm an old friend of Max Rienhorn and noticed that he is playing on your latest CD. Do you have a phone or email for Max?


December 18th, 2008DOUG LIVINGSTON

hi chuck, good to find another california guy braving the NY winters.

i live in the city, if you have any upcoming gigs coming up please let me know, it would be great to hear you play...especially considering the last time was probably with the homestead marching band.

All the best,

doug livingston

September 30th, 2008Lyzette Colon

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June 18th, 2008Brian Kushnir

GOnna be in NY next week - WEd-Fri. Any shows coming up? Would be great to grab a drink or something. Hope you are well - we (brian, becky, Ben and Bruno) are in Studio City, Hollywood, Los Angeles... Take care and tlk to you soon.

June 14th, 2008Jemal ramirez

hey chuck! : ) love the music!! I am interested in your big band charts and your wind ensemble piece. is it possible to hear any or all of these before buying?


May 6th, 2008Ben Emery

Chuck, googled you and found this. this is fantastic! you are living your dream. hope all is well. let me know when you return to pearls in SF so we can come and listen. marilu and i were at Kurt Hobson's wedding and ran into many old homestead alumni. Randy Bailey asked about you. go rip it at your gig tomorrow night.
all the best,

January 21st, 2008Chez

Chuck --

Thanks for a great time on Saturday. Couple of pix I wanted to share. Feel free to use any you'd like. Shoot me an email if you want the jpg files.


November 25th, 2007Nigel Rollings

I gotta whole lotta jazz since seeing you at Nightingales, but none of your live variety! Are you ever playing again in NYC or did the public get incredibly hip to your Mactet CD and make you a millionaire, sending you to a beach in the South Pacific ??! I can't remember my password so could you please pick up the dinosaur and call me at 718 784 7458. Ta very much !!!

November 1st, 2007steffen kuehn

hi chuck
long time no hear....
trumpeter john ruff will probably contact you re. charts for his band to play....
anyway, hope all is well, stay in touch

September 3rd, 2007Nigel Rollings

met you at Velvet Gentlemen gig in Nightingales last winter.I purchased your CD and played it almost every day for months!Love it and can harmonize with much of it!Please inform of future gigs, esp. MACTET ! Thanks.

July 30th, 2007Robin Culbertson

Hi from Portland, Oregon - David and Christina Valdez more than likely say from here, too, and Nathan Kline gives you a big Aloha from Hawaii (I do not see much of him anymore but, Aloha none the less). Caught a glimpse of you on the big Live Earth concert - Hey, there's Chuck! - Anyway, come back to Portland and play at Jimmy Max's or the world renown place known as David's Basement.

July 14th, 2007Corin Stiggall

Yo baby,lookin' good!

hope to talk to you soon.


July 10th, 2007Jim Peterson

Hey Chuck,
long time man. Found a link on the SCV alumni page. Looks like things are going great. Love the music on the site. Very cool. I've been working as a composer too. www.jamespetersonmusic.com Just returned from the Czech Repubic recording the Prague Phil performing my work. You can hear it on the website.
Drop me a line. It would be cool to catch up. Just saw Jim Mooy a few weeks back. Best, Jim

June 22nd, 2007Roger Lent

hey chuck, great playing with you yesterday. i dig your tunes here on the site. see you around town,

April 24th, 2007Matt Otto

Chuck, site looks clean. So stoked to play with you Doug and Diego!

April 2nd, 2007Jim Orsetti

I am interested in buying a copy of "Wake Up Call" ...do i send check to Brooklyn addres?
BTW Thanks for the MYSPACE add..Love your playing! I would like to come see you at Pearls this July.
Take Care,

February 10th, 2007Derek Ganong

Hey Chuck, you probably dont remember me but im from the staford camp, the buzzing basics guy. Anyways, i loved New Transmission. I'm at UCLA now so send me an email if you plan on being in the area. Peace,
Derek Ganong

January 7th, 2007Angela Swenson

Hi Chuck,
It's Angela Daline! Just wanted to say hi and hope everything is going well with you. Your biography is impressive.
Take care,

January 5th, 2007jeff schmetz who loves the metz

Dude my phone was stolen. I need your contact info agan. are you in town now? Let's play...

Hope you're well.


December 17th, 2006David Castanon

Happy Holidays, Chuck, from an old Bay Area brother of the "Spirit" and the Homestead vs. Fremont "Battle of the Bands" days. It's great to see you doing so well with that which you've always loved. Peace & Love,

December 9th, 2006Jeremy

How is everything!? Just wanted to see how
you were doing. Hope we get chance to play
soon or even just hang.

November 13th, 2006Chuck MacKinnon

Chuck, ever hear of a cat named Al MacKinnon who went to school with Chuck Mangioni at Eastman school of music in Rochester during the eraly 60s ? He was my (half) brother and a fine trumpet player. He played with the National Symphony of New Zealand through the mid 60s to 80s. He passed in 1990. Keep on playing , Chuck ( me)

November 6th, 2006Todd Kushnir

I see you are still playing with Diego, NO WAY! too cool. I wish your calendar showed some Boston dates....also, playing with Jim Campilongo. Dude, you are THE MAN. No way. ok, I'll stop harassing you.

November 4th, 2006lasse

hi your cool. i saw you in amsterdam. did you like amsterdam? did you see anything there

September 12th, 2006marymac

hey, your website looks cool. and so do you! are you single? hehe, just kidding.

your sister here...we're gonna get lawn tickets for John Mayer...or should we hold off? jes wanna get your pulse if you think we should get em or not. thanks, my brotha!!


September 11th, 2006K. Lohman

I'm a fan of your work and really look forward to hearing you play on Conan and Ellen. Congrats!

September 7th, 2006Harrison Reed

Hey Chuck. How are things. I'm writing through your website. Looks like you're rocking. I checkout out the mp3s and the tunes sound great.

August 8th, 2006Matt Otto

Chuck, your the man, please email at this new email... I need to hear that Grossman (which didn't come through on my hotmail addy) L8

March 30th, 2006melanie serrano

hi there baby

March 14th, 2006m-duluxe

sign me up!